Why I Am | live, Europe 2009 | Dave Matthews band legal tempo diagram, video, frequency and vibrational elements.

I measured the song by the Dave Matthews Band called “Why I Am.” Posting here I with a lot of help from #DMB feature two blazingly fantastic version of the song.

Last night I measured the live version from the album called Europe 2009.


Meanspeed-Carlton Summary
song title=Why I Am
performer=David J. Matthews, Timothy Reynolds, Carter Beauford, Boyd Tinsley, Stefan Lessard/Dave Matthews Band
album=Europe 2009
intellectual property music rights=(P) Bama Rags Recordings, L.L.C.
file type=Purchased AAC audio file
size=9.5 MB
sample rate=44.100 kHz
bit rate=256 kbps
average beat=~0.426143 seconds
median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed=129.7 beat per minute
frequency=2.1616 Hz
profile=Low complexity
vibration=553.37 Hertz

Ian Schneider
Meanspeed® Music Company
Kendall Park, New Jersey
United States
December 11, 2011