Pat Metheny and “Et Si C’etat La Fin (As If It Were The End)” | probable distribution harmonic tempo outline

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I looked up the song “Et Si C’etat La Fin (As If It Were The End)” on search engines cyber-wide and did not come up with anything I could rely on with precision and so I did the work of precise tempo measurement myself.  I like the song very much, and I was preparing a loop with songs at the same speed, listed at the end of this post, for a song-mix I was making for my trip to Boston on Thursday.

"Et Si C'etat"-As_IF_IT_WERE_THE END- Pat+Metheny-Secret+Story-meanspeed tempo diagram_0121
“Et Si C’etat”-As_IF_IT_WERE_THE END- Pat+Metheny-Secret+Story-meanspeed tempo diagram_01 La Fin 0121

Pat Metheny’s song ”Et Si C’etat La Fin (As If It Were The End)” is a typical Pat piece which satisfies the elements of genius:

1)  only Pat could have written it;

2)  Pat plays simply and in a childlike way masking the most difficult elements of composition: saying something wholly different with the slightest tweak of what has already been, where only that tweak could have been made by that artist.

Song title=”Et Si C’etat La Fin (As If It Were The End)”

"Et Si C'etat (As If It Were The End" - meansped therapy tempo chart
“Et Si C’etat (As If It Were The End” – meansped therapy tempo chart

Performer=Pat Metheny

Album=Secret Story/bonus version

Intellectual Property Rights=©2007 Nonesuch Records

Kind=Purchased AAC audio file

Size=7.4 MB

Bit Rate=256 kbps

Sample Rate=44.100 kHz


Profile=Low Complexity


File Extension=m4a

Median expected harmonic beat=461.5 milliseconds

Songs that are within 1% of “Et Si C’etat”

Parallels, Yes

Morning Has Broken, Cat Stevens

Money, Pink Floyd

Eight Miles High, The Who

All Along The Watchtower, Bob Dylan/single version.

Ian Andrew Schneider

James Menko Mahnning

Meanspeed® Therapy

January 31, 2012

rewritten August 30, 2015 because musicians as Metheny have no way of checking that I bought he album that contains the song I measured on at at least three discs, downloaded legal versions from different sources – much as a check to see how much compression change or did not change the speed. After studying it for over 20 years my answer is no. A 128 kbps and a 320 kbps song are still going to have the same timing. Some geniuses in Silicon Valley and all over the world – wildly good collective – VOLUNTARY, FREE collective intelligence at work. I know Pat hates when bad performances are posted – or people steal.  My first command given to me as a real musician at around 17 – Never steal music. I could photograph al the discs and all, but recording representatives, by their own admission, are largely failed musician in a field where reg failure rate is higher than [you fill it in].