Speed Breakdown – “Li’l Sebastian” as performed on PARKS AND RECREATION® on NBC® television – declassified legal harmonic tempo measurements, maps

declassified, revised and published by staff of the openly covert matherton experiment on 8/14/16.

In May of 2011, on the NBC® program experiment.


Parks and Recreation®, the character Andrew Dwyer was asked to perform a song called “Five Thousand Candles In The Wind”


at a memorial concert for the town horse, Sebastian, aka, Li’l Sebastian.


The tempos maps can easily be used, download freely and as often as you want.  How can this be done?  What is in this for you???  Here is an example of how it can easily be used.  Assume you have a copy of the song, and the speed of the song is looping on your head.  Understanding that 74.0 bpm is within 1% of the speed of songs such as “Breakfast In America” by Supertramp,

bpm_scan- Supertramp - tempo chart-Breakfast In America_ tempo entrainment_NJ_Free School
bpm_scan- Supertramp – tempo chart-Breakfast In America_ tempo entrainment_NJ_Free School

Love Me Tender” by The Original King, Elvis Presley, and “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” by Procol Harem.  You may like this speed range; you may not.  Take the case that you were calmed by this range.  You might want to a listen to a few songs that match the mood you are currently in, and then move to a loop of Sebastian–>Whiter Shade—>Love Me Tender,

Elvis_Presley-Love MeTender - tempo map
Elvis_Presley-Love MeTender – tempo map

and listen to the last one three times in the morning.  In terms of what “rhythm entrainment” is all about, this is the type of speed that frankly will not work with most.  We all have our own tempo preferences.  As for James, he is a 98-102 bpm to get comfortable man.  I prefer the speed of optimism, 90-97.  So said, it depends on the day, it depends on what side of the bed I wake up on.  This is true for everyone.  Keep this closely in mind when someone tries to sell you a program telling you that their one-sound-calms-all approach works.  Sure, it works: when you send a charlatan money for a placebo effect “holosync” or some other such non-scientific, non-disprovable idea presented as genius.  I could start naming people, but I am waiting to see how foolish their claims get.  The man sucking up to the writer who is responsible for the admirable if fluffy “CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL” series.  Their charge, over $400.  My charge is zero, because it is priceless – and after 10 years of war, I think we all need a break in the ability to provide our own biofeedback in the form of iso-rhythmic entrainment.  No music to but: you own it.

As for questions, look around this site, and write me anytime and ask anyone who has written me: I respond ASAP.  What is the catch you ask, after all, there are no free lunches.  The price: your concentration and your time in incorporating a different aspect of timing, which is not an easy thing to do.


Meanspeed-Chancellor-Carlton Summary

song=Five Thousand Candles In The Wind

performer=Andrew Dwyer

median expected tempo/arithmetic mean speed/average speed=74.0 beats per minute

average beat=811 milliseconds

frequency in just intonation=315.733 Hertz  25% higher (cents) than Eb4=311.127 Hz, 75% (cents) lower than E4=329.628 Hz.

infographics=© 2011. Meanspeed® Music Review®, use freely FOR EDUCATION AND HEALTH PURPOSE only.  No one here is a charlatan and nothing on this page or anywhere on this or any other mean speed®  page seeks profit, and to the extent that there is profit, as Newman’s Own®, all such profits are donated to charity.

Ian Andrew Schneider

James Isaiah Jackson

Meanspeed Music Review

June 1, 2011