Breakdown of the Tempo of FATHER CHRISTMAS, tempo graphics, song frequencies ELP video. That song where Greg Lake Resurrected Prokoviev!

Father Christmas by Emerson Lake & Palmer is one of those holiday songs that I think really is so fantastic that I take it out infrequently. The emotional release of the song is a triumphant surge of of desire.

Father Christmas Tempo Map - meanspeed music
Father Christmas / Nuemann 1.1 bpm scan

Father Christmas | Emerson Lake and Palmer | sandy silverman prep school tempo line chart | 111.7 beats per minute

Greg Lake was slammed with a copyright infringement suit by the estate of Serge Prokofiev. The plaintiff claimed that LIEUTENANT KIJE was the basis for the Father Christmas Theme. “ After a settlement, “Father Christmas” originally credited to Lake and Sinfield alone, was also credited to Serge – another case of unconscious copying” agreed to pay an undisclosed percentage of the royalties. The song is also associated with Woody Allen’s Love & Death

Meanspeed-Carlton Summary

song title=”I Believe In Father Christmas
performer=Emerson, Lake & Palmer
album=Works, Volume 2
beats measured=3,600
time elapsed, total=1,932.91 seconds
average beat=537 milliseconds
average 4 beat measure=214.76777 centiseconds
mean speed/average tempo/median velocity=111.7 beats per minute
emotional concept according to meanspeed music theory=desire
Composer=Greg Lake, Peter Sinfield, Serge Prokofiev
Sheet music tempo direction=[none]
Intellectual Property=© 1977 Leadchoice, Ltd., Administered Worldwide by Campbell Connelly & Co., Ltd., London, Rights in the U.S. and Canada administered by Music Sales Corporation (ASCAP)
International Copyright Secured, All Rights Reserved, Excerpt from LIEUTENANT KIJE by Serge Prokofiev included by permission of the Copyright Owner Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers.

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