"LOUIE , LOUIE " – Kingsmen – The Ultimate Fraternity Song? – Seeing invisible speed in graphs, iTunes® ScreenShots, measurements

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On the Rolling Stone magazine list of the 500 GREATEST SONGS OF ALL-TIME, the song ranked as #55 is “Louie Louie,” a very popular college party oriented classic by The Kingsmen.


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The element of musical determinism in the song is the speed range. Go see our list – any list of songs at 119-128 beats per minute. These songs are different than joy – thought not mutually exclusive of same. We are talking about: Victory. Some time a victory is draining, or as Brett Favre after victory in Super Bowl of the 1996, drove him to tears of victorious joy as that “was it. I knew I had done it it.”There can be joy anywhere -here, the joy is more often seen as accomplished deed, obstacles overcome, enemies defeated, confidence Lifted.
While the song gets soft and loud, the Speed remains in the mean emotion category of victory.

Meanspeed-Carlton Music Summary, supervised by James C.C. Manning
calibrated by Sarah Anthony were found as
total beats measured=2496
total time calibrated=20, 20 seconds
beats measured per song=312
mean time per song=152.475″
mean speed=122.8 beats per minute
mean space=489 milliseconds per beat
meanemotion according to meanspeed music theory=victory (119-128 beats per minute).


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