Michael Jackson At His Peak – Legal Tempo Map and video link to NYC 1988 Grammy Effort that show how MJ EARNED “the king of pop” label

When Michael Jackson was at his peak, high fidelity sound in digital was finding at critical mass in its spread across the United States.

No one’s music was more crossover than Michael Jackson in the 1980s.  He was loved by white women in their 90s and black baby, and, not only everyone in between.  More than that, I see in the generation just ending high school now – my parents grandchildren – a renewed love for Michael, and the whole idea that there are simply no celebrity musicians close to his crossover talent that actually catch on.


man in the mirror michael jackson
man in the mirror-michael jacksonharmonic-tempo-map
man in the mirror-michael jacksonharmonic-tempo-map-blue
man in the mirror-michael jacksonharmonic-tempo-map-sine -wave
man-in-th-mirror-na15n5-harmonic-tempo-chart copy


In an effort to stay away from negativity about the mixes of the concert goers versus the mix of the band, the Dave Matthews Band for example, versus the makeup of the live audience, let me just say MJ drew from every range of person in the way the Star Wars material appeals to backgrounds and cultures of Every type.  Pat Metheny and the Pat Metheny Group stands out as drawing the most awesomelomely peaceful mix of every nationality, ethnicity, background to the point that:

  1. no one cares, and that is just true by looking around at a show, and it makes all comfortable;
  2. you know that since blacks, Jew, Latinos, Roman Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Protestants, atheists, Buddhists, nihilists ALL – excepting of course dictatorial societies such as the psychologically torturous, barbaric and most evil nation on the planet that feeds horrific music to its citizens by force from birth.  Kim Jong something.  A truly gross and evil, impossible to understand douche.