Harmonic Tempo of The Hunger Games’ THE HANGING TREE by Jennifer Lawrence – Declassified Tempo Map, video link.

Harmonic Tempo of The Hunger Games’ THE HANGING TREE by Jennifer Lawrence – Declassified Tempo Map, video link. WHY?! The are the timing of Amazing words by SUZANNE COLLINS.

WHY?! Jennifer Lawrence, considered by me and many others to be the best female actor now working, sings SUZANNE COLLINS and Lumineers create a scene in The Hunger Games: THE MOCKINGJAY, Pt 1.

The Hanging Tree words by Suzanne Collins music by The Lumineers tempo map by silverman matherton

No series of movies since – ever- Rocky and movies of the 1970s as Jaws maybe? – has a movie crossed over every age, social, educational background.  Author Collins os the daughter of a high ranking military official and one can so tell by reading her dystopian books that 3 generations of my family and most of your families too can enjoy on many levels.

The harmonic speed map I measured and constructed and posted for you to steal w attribution (just kidding – very very few give me attribution and I never find out for years anyway!) was one I created for myself because I found the scene where actor Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen is asked in sign language by the mute character to sing a song to help them through the bizarre “Quarter Quell”.  For those who have yet to read these books I won’t give the plot away but I promise you this: Mockingly has at least three levels of meaning, as a movie like Dr. Strangelove, The Big Lebowski, Wall Street.  Truths are revealed in ways of hyperbole that are creative and as the Batman series creepy yet funny.

Even that os a Stephen Colbert began his first week on CBS® imitating the greatest friendly demonic character in decades: Caesar Flickerman.


Have a great day.  Oh, the speed and the mood.  I have mood charts all over the web people think i should take down so you decide the mood, but the speed of 94.8 beats per minute is digitally mixed well as a speed loop, as it is within 3% of these songs:

“Until You Come Back To Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do,” Aretha Franklin

“It Might Be You (Theme From ‘Tootsie’),” Stephen Bishop

“Tonight’s The Night,” Rod Stewart

“In The Air Tonight,” Phil Collins

“Knocks Me Off My Feet,” Stevie Wonder

“One,” U2

“Going The Distance,” Bill Conti



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