Breaking Down The Tempo of The Beautiful + Young Neil Young | OLD MAN | median expected tempo, video/Live at Massey Hall, frequencies, LEGAL tempo chart


Old man is a song Neil Young wrote and performed for his 1970s album ‘After The Gold Rush.’

I looked the song up on-line, and as for “metrology” (the science of measurement), I saw no good timeline. So I did the measurements and chart.

Neil_Young - Old_man-meanspeed_metrological_time
Neil_Young – Old_man-meanspeed_metrological_time

Thank you Tatum O’Neal, my spiritual sister in November 5th child-ism, in for the suggestion as per twitter 11/14/2011.

mean speed=70.5 beats per minute

average beat=851 milliseconds

low frequency=1.175 Hz

tone in just intonation=300.8 Hz

song in 1% range of the mean speed 70.5 BPM

Let It be, Beatles

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Elton, Live in Sydney

Dream Of The Return, Pat Metheny

4 & 20 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

[declassified and republished by silverman matherton on August 21, 2016]