#np The Beatles | For No One | modern tempo map, educational link | Do Lennon, McCartney, Starr & Harrison hold as much power now as ever?

After a hard day, goin' home
After a hard day, goin’ home (Photo credit: Ametxa)
Iván Navarro: Die Again (Monument for Tony Smi...
Iván Navarro: Die Again (Monument for Tony Smith) – inside the cube, at the Towner, Eastbourne (Photo credit: Vicburton)
House & Music
House & Music (Photo credit: Donnr MB)
Beatles contemporary tempo map
For No One / The Beatles / album, ‘revolver’

[edited and republished on 8/24/16 as declassified and open to public use as, uh, that’s why I do this. If you do get it, the control you feel is snarky: people don’t really tell others about this because as they say in plagiarism, cite everyone but the place you are getting your information.  Not that API® doesn’t own billions of tempo maps for each song ever recorded. Good luck with those, as @DrPhil says.]

I recommend anyone interested take a look at some of the 100s of comments left on YouTube.

I’m basically making a playlist on the fly – like you do.  Playlists and mixtapes where too much thought goes into each song – ya can kinda tell, can’t you?

I know today is a big anniversary of the Beatles of the Beatles first landed in the United States.

In order to purchase the song the links are below, along with some recent comments made by some fans.  I do not want to censor anyone, so I haven’t, so excuse me if the word is too [vulgar] for you.  If you are a true Beatles fan, they ought not be.  On to the next song for me.  Thanks for taking time to read, check out the song.